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Xsl-Fo: Making XML Look Good in Print pdf download

Xsl-Fo: Making XML Look Good in Print. Dave Pawson

Xsl-Fo: Making XML Look Good in Print
ISBN: 9780596003555 | 284 pages | 8 Mb

Download Xsl-Fo: Making XML Look Good in Print

Xsl-Fo: Making XML Look Good in Print Dave Pawson
Publisher: O'Reilly Media, Incorporated

It's a good way to experiment and evaluate the workflow.). might look old-fashioned, but it would do the job much better than all that tag tower. XSL-FO has been both the gateway to XML-source publishing, and a major roadblock: it's a powerful language for structuring pages and formatting XML files, but it's also intricate, unapproachable, and not very well known. From all I've read, it looks like Opera has done a great job supporting CSS compared to other browsers, and you can do some amazing things with CSS. They have pretty good contents not only this XSL-FO but any other XML related. It is most often used to create print documents and is specifically tailored for paged media. Once you can edit an XML file in FrameMaker, you can also get a beautiful PDF file ready for printing or online delivery. /usr/share/xml/docbook/stylesheet/nwalsh/fo/docbook.xsl . There are many, many more flags that you can set during this transformation stage to take care of errors later on. Don't worry if you see warnings and errors, you should end up with a good file. Dave Pawson maintains a comprehensive XSL FAQ at, and his book XSL-FO: Making XML Look Good in Print (Pawson, 2002) [the Fox book] is available from O'Reilly. If you are interested more in detail please take a look at w3school's site. So, we could XSL-FO was thought by some to eventually go to the browser, but the biggest push in XSL-FO has typically been for the creation of print documents. --stringparam fop1.extensions 1 . Here's a good explanation of the technique. The example they give, though, only worked correctly for me in Opera, not Firefox or IE. While historically, it's been difficult at best to create print-quality PDF books from markup alone, CSS3 now brings us the Paged Media Module, which targets print book formatting. Apache FOP (Formatting Objects Processor) is a print formatter driven by XSL formatting objects (XSL-FO).

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